Our expert conveyor knowledge was called upon for a bespoke solution…

A regular client of ours, knowing the specialist fabrication skills that the team has, commissioned us to manufacture and install a conveyor system and finished goods racks for large items.

Before we were able to install our conveyor system the client needed to re-dig the foundations below the cranes in order to house the machinery we were constructing.

The Tech Projects design team produced the finished good racks and the conveyor system which would then go on to be modified further, as the client wanted the skids on the conveyor system to each be 20m long.

Inviting the client over to our site, together with a few operators that worked on their line, we worked in tandem, adding more modifications to the machinery along the way, including adding a foldaway handle to support the transportation of goods.

The racks were a great solution to aid the transportation of heavy goods from one end of the factory to the other.

One conveyor was 50m and the other was 75m in length, requiring nearly the full length of the unit in which they would operate.

The skid trolley was 20m in length, which sits on the conveyor itself.

The new conveyor and rack system has made the process of transporting large goods safer and easier for the client’s team.

The job itself was quite large, but with over 20 years of combined experience in our design and delivery team and having completed projects of a similar nature many times, Tech Projects were able to competently deliver and install the solutions quickly and efficiently.

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