With hygiene and the washing and sanitising of hands being an early requirement and response to controlling the spread of Covid-19, it was recognised that a hand sanitising unit that was easily accessible and moveable would greatly benefit our customers in the manufacturing sector.

We were able to take to market a hand sanitising unit that could be moved around a factory on wheels, enabling workplaces to easily implement hand sanitising as part of their employees’ routines.

We wanted to create a solution that would make it as easy as possible to sanitise – and not just at the start and end of breaks. These units can be placed directly where employees operate and can be moved with them.

With our extensive expertise in manufacturing and working with food and drink processing operations, we recognised that in fast-paced production it would not be easy to leave a workstation in order to sanitise. This is why we used swivel castors to make our solution easily transportable.  This enabled companies to factor in sanitising into process takt times.

Our solution has minimised downtime and as it is fabricated in stainless steel it is able to meet the hygiene requirements of our customers in the food and drink sector.

We’re delighted that this unit is now available as a standard product, ready off the shelf or designed bespoke to requirements within 48 hours.

More product details can be found here.

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