Do you need support with any metal fabrication projects?

The year 2020 has taught us all an important lesson in just how quickly a business landscape can change and the importance of being able to rapidly adapt to unexpected changes.. Businesses need to be adaptable and able to expand or downsize quickly in response to a sudden significant shift in demand. Outsourcing fabrication projects – such as conveyor systems, structural access solutions and material handling solutions – to a specialist can help your business be more adaptable. And there are many other benefits to outsourcing fabrication work too.

Tech Projects can act as a company’s complete fabrication division. We can rapidly respond to our customers’ on-site fabrication needs and we offer specialist welding capabilities for repair and customisation work, helping businesses increase efficiency, boost productivity, maximise capacity and minimise downtime and waste.

We have outlined some of the major benefits of outsourcing your fabrication requirements below.

Efficiency – Hiring trained professionals to address your fabrication needs means you don’t have to carry out in-house training with your team, saving you time and resources. Trained professionals may also complete the project more quickly than employees who may not specialise in fabrication, meaning your equipment and processes will be up and running quicker and production can begin earlier.

By offering consultation, design, manufacture, installation and servicing from a single source, we can offer turnkey solutions – helping our customers rapidly reach their objectives.

Health and safety – In addition to the efficiencies outsourcing skills can bring to  your businesses there are also health and safety benefits. Here at Tech Projects, we employ highly skilled and fully qualified individuals whose extensive experience can be highly beneficial to your projects. They will ensure core health and safety standards are considered and adhered to. We can also demonstrate our compliance with health and safety standards as we are SafeContractor approved. In addition, we are fully insured to complete hot works and welding on site in mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

Improved service – Another reason for outsourcing your fabrication needs to a trained specialist, rather than attempting to complete projects  in-house, is that you can benefit from their vast experience. Someone who does this specific job on a daily basis and has vast experience in the industry is likely to produce a long-lasting solution. In addition, their experience enables them to respond and react more effectively to unexpected project challenges.

Our team also has the ability to manufacture conveyor systems, material handling and access solutions from scratch – and has the capacity and capabilities to undertake and deliver large-scale, high quality work for leading UK and international businesses.

Flexibility – With uncertainty surrounding today’s global economy and the impact of challenges such as of Covid-19, companies may need to be able to scale up or down to react to a sudden shift in demand. By outsourcing your fabrication requirements or any other work that your team doesn’t specialise in, you can minimise the risk of being caught out by a continuously changing environment, allowing your business to adapt more quickly to rising or slowing demand.

We can also respond quickly to your needs and can access a range of other engineering services through Go 2 Engineering.

Freeing up internal resource – Particularly in challenging times like these, organisations need their staff to  focus on the core functions of the business and work towards their specific business objectives. By hiring in trained professionals to carry out any fabrication work, companies don’t need to take employees away from their ‘day jobs’.

Tech Projects applies extensive fabrication expertise and more than two decades of working with manufacturing businesses to develop cost-effective, high quality conveyor systems, material handling and structural access solutions. These support our customers in accelerating and improving processes, complying with health and safety regulations and creating more efficient working environments.

To find out more about Tech Projects and how we can assist you with your fabrication requirements, contact us by email or call 0191 491 0771.

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