We often talk about embedding decades of expertise into the work we do…  and David Anthony, a long standing employee, is proof of that.

Working with planes, trains and automobiles…

David joined Tech Projects around six months after the company was formed – and was hired based on his welding and problem-solving expertise.

David explains: “I’m a welder by trade and shortly after joining the company I was asked to make an intricate component for a drive shaft – and well, I must have done a good job and kept doing a good job as just a few months later I was put in charge of the machine shop.”

Before CAD there was the envelope…

Today Tech Project’s design team use the latest 3D design and modelling technology, but David remembers a time when he’d be able to listen to the issue a client was having and using his expertise, would draw up the solution on the back of an envelope – and then build it from scratch.

David’s keen eye and attention to detail was also employed on a project for Dunlop, where they required a solution for improving their process for making brake pipes. This time David was provided with a drawing from the client, but he knew from experience it wouldn’t work in the way they wanted it to so again, he built the solution from scratch.

To this day, David and the team at Tech Projects are dedicated to rapidly responding to our customers and providing specialist fabrication capabilities, which help businesses make efficiencies and reduce unexpected downtime.

As our longest standing employee David’s wealth of experience with a range of materials is often called upon. He recalls when a contact at a North East food manufacturer asked him if he was able to fix a bracket, made from cast iron. It was a seemingly simple task, but cast iron is notoriously complex to weld and careful consideration is needed regarding the temperature the material is exposed to. And as for the bracket – 15 years on, we believe it’s still holding strong.

When we asked David about what the best things are about working at Tech Projects – and what has kept him here all these years – he replied: “No two days are the same. I work with a great team and our customers are always providing me with a great variety of work.

“A lot of the work we do is bespoke and covers everything from conveyors and racks for the aerospace industry, stillages for Hitachi Trains and conveyors and brake pad jigs for Nissan – planes, trains and automobiles!”

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