We have provided a range of screens, tables and sanitising stations to enable companies to create Covid-19 secure working environments.

We’ve strengthened our presence in the food and drink processing industry, by applying our specialist fabrication expertise to help businesses adapt to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Over recent months during the pandemic we have been commissioned by companies across the UK’s food and beverage sector to provide solutions which enable social distancing in the workplace and help businesses implement safe working practices.

In March, we designed and manufactured hand sanitising stations as an immediate response to the Coronavirus pandemic. The stations are fabricated in stainless steel and feature swivel castors with brakes to enable the units to be moved to where they are needed most. These features also enable staff to take the units with them as they move from line to line within a factory, increasing efficiency. The design ensures that the units can also be chained securely through the frame to a barrier or fence if required.

The hand sanitisation units have been well received by customers within the food and beverage industry, who have been able to build regular sanitisation into their processes without staff having to leave their posts – thus cutting down on time whilst maintaining high safety standards cleaning regimes.

We have also received a number of requests for screen solutions which enable workers to be Covid-secure whilst still being able to see and interact with products on a conveyor.

With more than 20 years of expertise in stainless steel fabrication we have developed bespoke solutions such as some screens enable clear viewing panels and enable staff to work in close proximity. Whereas others have been designed to sit alongside a conveyor belt so that colleagues can continue to work across from each other safely. The fabricated stainless steel screens also meet food hygiene standards.

In response to customer demand, we have recently manufactured and installed a number of individual stainless steel worktables. The tables have been designed to ensure workers can continue with their jobs with access to their own dedicated materials affixed to each table. This reduces the need to share resources and ensures self-sufficient working.

Michael Donachie, General Manager, Tech Projects commented: “Over the last few months we have applied our fabrication expertise and in-depth knowledge of the food and drink processing industry to design new products in response to the requirements of Covid-19 safe working practices.

“The products are highly suitable for the food and beverage sector, as they have been designed and manufactured to meet food and health and safety standards. However, we have also received enquiries for hand sanitising units in the retail sector as well as in educational facilities. We’ve even designed bespoke screens that can easily be attached to office desks.

“With our well-equipped site here in Gateshead and the experience of the team in stainless steel fabrication we’re well geared up for further requests and will continue to be responsive to our clients’ needs.”

Tech Projects’ screen guards, hand sanitiser units and workstation tables are available to businesses which need additional support to ensure their workplaces can stay open for business and adhere to social distancing guidelines. You can contact us to discuss your needs by calling 0191 4910771 or emailing sales@tprojects.co.uk.

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